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filmmaker support

Hollow Mountain with React Films continue to provide support for artists new to or experimenting with moving image with the aim of aiding new and under represented voices. 

We provide bursaries in the form or equipment, training, advice and other production and post production needs. Beginning in 2022 the fund is working toward having a formal application process to which applicants can apply, as of present support is by invitation only. 

Supported Artists


Neelo Abrahami

Neelo required support for her production of an experimental documentary short which traced her journey to the UK as an Afghan refugee at the age of seven. Using photographs from her past and audio from her grandmother along with re-enactments and new footage she created a poetic account of her journey which was official selection in the London Short Film Festival 2023. 


Samantha Johnston

Samantha is primarily a photographer working with still life subjects in studio settings. Her work is influenced by hauntology and her childhood growing top in Northern Ireland. Sam was able to experiment with creating moving image versions of her work with equipment training and hire from Hollow Mountain.


Marie Smith

Marie is currently working on super 8mm film in an exploration of her 





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